Small batch & unique ceramic pieces made with clay sourced in New Zealand

Welcome and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here and showing your support for my pottery. I feel truly blessed to bring these clay creations of mine into being and there is nothing I cherish more than the thought of your hands holding and enjoying the ceramics that started their life here in my studio. I hope they bring as much love and warmth in to your life as I experience making them.

Isabell Meyer

Hi, I am Isabell and I am the creative and craftswoman behind Dahlia In Clay.

Here you see me standing in the door of the studio, looking into the garden I am creating around it, feeling this immense gratitude to create with clay just as clearly as I felt the sun on my skin when this photo was taken.
Creating pottery for your homes is what I love and it fills me with joy every day.



The bespoke collection is a range of limited edition pieces, examples of my creative outlet explored in clay, often there is only one of a few pieces, depending on their lasting effect on me they might stay and be made again, or they are, just as the name of the collection, bespoke and a true one off piece or ceramic.

  • Made in our studio

    To create from my home studio, a dream come true tenfold of what I could have ever imagined.
    Each morning I get to open the door to the studio to check on the pieces of work currently in the making, what pure joy.

  • Uniquely good design

    From the initial idea to the design and construction, I always push myself to new things, find new solutions, and explore uncommon approaches.

  • Hand crafted quality

    Every one of the offered products is crafted by hand in the studio, with the utmost care and attention. I am proud to offer unbeatable quality and service.

  • Made by hand all the way

    From preparing the clay to be pliable and soft, throwing the majority of pottery on the wheel to the attention given to each individual piece that passes through my hands countless times before it gets to your home, all steps involved in the process of creating a Dahlia In Clay piece of ceramic is based around my hands.


I love to experiment with both small batch and one-off creations. If you are interested in collaborating or a bespoke piece just for you or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I am always up for a challenge and would love to make your idea come to live in clay.


Join me as I share my inspiration & process of exploration on instagram