A New Cup

A New Cup

This is how it seems to evolve. For this cup in particular there was not an active source of inspiration but more something like an idea that started to grow within me until I was able to visualise it, draw it and see it as form on paper.

The idea was there but still had to grow, evolve, until my hands happened to shape a ball of clay on the wheel and the form became reality. I know I sound ridiculous but I say it anyway, it was as if the clay shaped itself, only using my hands as it’s tool.

I made a few slightly different vessels of this one on the same day. Some taller, some wider, some slightly too small for what I am aiming for. One good one fell off the wheel when I trimmed it the next day, another one had a too thin bottom.

So this one is the one that survived. It got through the test of drying, being bisque fired, me enjoying its shape and some very good feedback from a friend, which I am so very grateful for. Thank you, you know who you are!

So this cup will be glazed today and is ready for its final firing, let’s see if and how it makes it, how it will feel to drink out of it and if that is all a success I might make a whole batch of those beauties.

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